10 Foods To Pack When Travelling Abroad

Ready to eat food for travel : There are some traits shared by all mothers. When you’re traveling, your mother will probably pack a tiffin for you. It doesn’t matter to a mother that today you can get food delivered to even your berth on the train! Mom’s worry that their children will not eat healthy food when they’re traveling and hence always advise their children to carry some food with them.

Why you should listen to your mom?

  • Reason #1 You could be stranded somewhere

Even the best-made plans can go awry. For example, the flight you are traveling on may be canceled or delayed, your train may be rerouted, you may reach your destination after all the restaurants have closed. In such cases, if you don’t have any food with you, you will have to stay hungry. Carrying ready to eat meals in such instances can give you a way to fill your tummy even if you have access to only hot water in your hotel room.

  • Reason #2 To avoid junk food

Carrying your own food reduces your risk of indulging in junk food when you’re feeling hungry. For example, you will be less tempted to order room service when you can make yourself a bowl of khichdi or idlis in less than 5 minutes. This helps control your diet and aids with weight management.

  • Reason #3 Stick to your diet

If you’re on a strict diet, following this diet can be difficult when you’re traveling. For example, you may be a strict vegetarian but in some parts of Europe finding good vegetarian food is often difficult. If you’re not carrying something with you, you may be limited to eating green salads for every meal. Did you know that DesiMealz is a pure vegetarian travel-friendly ready-to-eat food provider? It’s the ideal food for all your travels.

Some Ready to Eat Food for Travel that is Easy to Pack

01: Instant Vermicelli

Vermicelli is great for all your travels. This is a meal that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Vermicelli is easy to digest, light and packed with fiber. This encourages smooth digestion and prevents constipation. Desimealz lemon vermicelli is easy to carry and quick to make. This instant meal can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. When you’re in a hotel room with only a kettle at your disposal, this is the meal you need. To ‘cook’ it all you need to do is pour hot water into the bowl and leave aside for 3-4 minutes. That’s it! You can now stir everything together and enjoy your meal.

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02: Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a handy snack for short or long travels. Munching on a rice cake while you’re sightseeing is healthier than eating a sandwich or burger. Why- because they have a lower calorific value, lower sodium levels and contain varying levels of vitamins and minerals. Many rice cakes are also made with gluten-free ingredients. Rice cakes can be eaten on their own or paired with dips.

03: Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is easy to digest yet satiating. One bowl of this delicious meal and you’re set for a day exploring the city. DesiMealz sabudana khichdi is rich in carbs to give you an energy boost and packed with proteins in the form of peanuts. All you need to make this meal is hot water and a few minutes of patience. Just add water, cover the dish, stir it all together and have a bite!

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04: Popcorn

Who doesn’t like popcorn!  Whether you’re watching a movie or hiking through the hills, this is a great snack. It’s light, easy to carry and delicious! Popcorn is easy to digest and rarely associated with allergic reactions or stomach upsets. It’s a better idea to munch on popcorn rather than eat at a shack.

05: Instant Upma

Upma may be a staple South Indian breakfast but this dish can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Upma is made from semolina, a good carbohydrates and a great source of energy. This can be a filling snack and curb hunger pangs instantly. DesiMealz offers a delicious masala upma in travel-friendly packaging. Apart from semolina, it contains lentils, chopped vegetables, and spices that offer the perfect balance of taste and nourishment. To make this snack, pour 200ml of hot water into the bowl along with the contents of the spice sachet. Cover and leave aside for 12 minutes. Voila! Your snack is ready!

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06: Banana Chips

Banana chips aren’t just tasty, they’re nutritious too! This south-Indian delicacy is rich in fiber, potassium, and iron. This helps control cholesterol, blood pressure and aids with weight management. There’s a reason you can’t eat too many banana chips in one go- the fiber in these chips fills your stomach and makes you feel full. These chips won’t take up too much space in your suitcase and won’t make a significant difference to the weight either.

07: Paneer Fried Rice

Rice is one of the easiest foods to digest. And fried rice is a dish most of us love. DesiMealz has a travel-friendly instant schezwan paneer fried rice that’s perfect for your next holiday. After a meal like this, you’ll have all the energy you need to walk around exploring the city you’re in and won’t feel the need to munch on anything else until your next meal. It’s got the perfect balance of protein-rich paneer, chopped vegetables packed with essential vitamins and rice. To make this meal ready to dig into takes less than 10 minutes. Just add 140ml of hot water, cover and leave aside for 8 minutes. When you open the lid, the aroma of delicious fried rice will make your mouth water.

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08: Namkeen

You don’t always want a full meal when you’re feeling hungry. To curb hunger pangs when you’re feeling puckish, always carry a packet or two of your favorite namkeens. If you’re traveling abroad, these namkeens can provide a welcome respite from the foreign flavors of local restaurant food. 

09: Poha

Poha is a staple in every Maharashtrian home. This breakfast dish is a great snack as well as a light lunch. Made from flattened rice, poha is easy to digest and a great source of energy. DesiMealz offers 2 delicious poha variants- masala poha and tamarind poha. Masala poha is great for days when you want something spicy while tamarind poha has a tangy undercurrent. To make either of these pohas, all you need to do is add 150ml of hot water, cover and leave aside for 6 minutes. That’s it- stir it up and take a bite!

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10: Sev Murmura

When you want something light and quick, there’s nothing like a handful of murmura. Sev murmura is a great snack for tea time or when you’re picnicking in a park. It’s low in calories, high in fiber and easy to carry along. You can even enjoy this snack while you’re on the move.

Traveling on a holiday can be great fun but if you don’t account for emergencies, it can be daunting too. So, the next time you pack a suitcase, remember to listen to your mother’s advice and carry a few travel-friendly foods along.

Bon voyage and have a safe culinary adventure!

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