None whatsoever. All Desi Mealz products are preservative free and do not contain any artificial flavoring/ colouring substances

Though the exact shelf life of individual products may vary, most of our products have a shelf life of 9 – 12 months from packaging. We urge each customer to check each packet at the time of purchase and again at consumption.

The dehydration process simply draws out the moisture content from the food without affecting the nutritional properties of the food in any way. Therefore the food is just as nutritious, healthy and wholesome as it is when home cooked!

Each product has clear cooking instruction methods printed on the packaging. We do not have a preference and all the methods will work perfectly well so please use the one most convenient to you.

Yes. We offer bulk packs for our entire range of products. These are used by canteens, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and many other commercial kitchens against pre-orders.

None of our products contain MSG.