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Indianeestaa Foods Pvt Ltd is a 100% women-centric organization. We focus on employing underprivileged women and helping them become self-sufficient. Every woman on our team is uniquely skilled. We hope one day to empower at least 1 lakh women to become financially independent.

Ms. Niketa S.S.

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Niketa holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Her MBA program was split between India and Germany. Post-graduation, her entrepreneurial spirit paired with a passion for food powered the drive to set up her first entrepreneurial venture- Indianeestaa Foods Pvt Ltd

Ms. Sunitha Vasnad

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Ms Sunitha Vasnad is the curator of the Indianeestaa Foods Pvt Ltd flavours. Her love for food stems from her childhood when she cooked alongside her mother. But, this is not her only talent. She holds a BA in literature and through her multi-faceted experiences has more knowledge than any MBA could offer. Before founding Indianeestaa Foods Pvt Ltd with her daughter, Ms Vasnad spent almost 20 years working in varied industries. Today, Ms Vasnad is responsible for creating new flavours and structuring recipes for Indianeestaa Foods Pvt Ltd. She also has the final word on quality management.