Bisibela Bath

Bisibela bath, a Udupi style delicious and healthy dish from Karnataka, which is prepared with rice, toor dal, and vegetable and is flavoured with the freshly made spice blend. The traditional dish is bit sweet, spicy, tangy and unique flavoured among the other dishes. The traditional preparation of the dish is very elaborate as the rice, dal, and vegetables are cooked separately and mixed and simmered with freshly made special spice blend- Bisi bele bath masala powder, jaggery and tamarind extract. We serve products with all the ingredients including peanuts, mustard, soya and other nuts. Bisibela bath is very famous for the entire Breakfast centre across the Karnataka. The classic food would win many hearts in every morning, that’s why hits in the breakfast market of Karnataka. Our products are available in the sealed container, which can be easily transportable in the backpack or handbags. Read More

Masala Poha

There is some type of foods that people are so much happy to mess around and be innovative withstand there are some types of food that seem to be respected, we are going to enjoy the taste fo such type recipes. Poha is classic and enriched with a lot of energy in small quantity. From the western part of the nation, poha has buffered across the nation. If you are searching for rapid food or simple breakfast or dinner or breezy lunch, you would like to have these quick recipes with poha. The masala poha has enriched with various ingredients like Pound Rice ( Poha), Ground Nuts,  to improve your agility of the body on the whole day. The container has right quantity of edible oil, Green chilly take you to the height of spicy, enough amount of black gram, Bengal gram, lemon, cumin, mustard, turmeric and curry leaves to enjoy the sourness through the acids, asafetida and last but least to balance your taste or saltiness of the tough by adding enough salt. Read More

Let’s Say Bye to Break Fast Preparation:

Breakfast is the first food to keep consistent energy on an entire day, so it is worth the effort to eat a healthy one. Breakfast varies widely throughout Asia, In India, various dishes are served as a breakfast and In Arab, it consisting of bread and dairy products with tea or jam. In China, they are going with noodles with soya bean milk. We are here to ensure you to have a great breakfast which will make your fitness best out of the time. Healthy breakfast will be a pack of good nutrition, favourite flavours, which will make you enjoyable and fit. There are plenty of breakfast dishes like idly, dosa, upma, paratha and many others in the market to ensure that they are the best. Read More

Why is it so important to take enough amounts of calories at the Breakfast?

Among the busy world, fast food, meals and other beverages are getting delivered at your doorstep through various food industry e-commerce application. There is a spark of hope everywhere in the mind that people are trying to think of staying healthy and fit. No matter the hustle they go through day-to-day activities at work or home, the awareness among the community to stay fit, eat healthily and taking right is significantly developing by the day. Read More

DesiMealz spicy Dishes- Healthy Instant food for Travel

 I have to admit that many of us are traveling to any town or office will be facing the pressure on preparing the food.  The pressure comes because preparing food takes time and we have to wait till it ready to serve. Every day our routine starts from the morning exercise to keep you fit. We are facing the problems specifically preparing breakfast because we will be hurrying on approaching the office or school. For preparing the day, we have to wake up early to finish the routine and start for breakfast. For this many of the young generation and students are skipping breakfast, and away from the physical exercise. To overcome the hungriness, people are going to take fast food, baked items which are not good for health, because it has various preservatives to save the food. The food should have enriched with enough amount of protein, carbohydrates to keep fit until we take the next food. Read More

DesiMealz- A Healthy food and best Snacks

A few days ago, I am unable to forget the scenario of the day. A fine evening I was sitting on the sofa and watching the TV program.  It was warm weather outside the house my kids are enjoying the weather in the balcony. My husband was supposed to reach by the time but he was quite late due to drizzling outside. I felt very bored and turned off the TV and reached the balcony to enjoy with my kids. After sometimes my husband came to the home with two bags of boxes. We were not interested to know about that because he is quite wet due to rain. After sometimes, he took out of some boxed from the bag. Read More