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It's very good, more than what expected. Not like other preservative food. Homely food taste, very hygiene also. It really saved our lot of money in Singapore for 10 days, as it's very expensive. Taste is very good, perfect. Very easy to use. Hats of for the makers. Even the Tea is also awesome.

Tara Sheetal

We recently carried food for our Iceland trip and the food exceeded our expectations. It was fresh, tasty and extremely well prepared. The instructions were clear and the kids and we thoroughly enjoyed the food. Complete thumbs up and we will be ordering regularly

Illango Dhandayudham

loved all the products we ordered. The taste was awesome just like homemade food. I am so glad there were no preservatives or msg in the food and the sodium content was so low which makes it healthy compared to other pre-packed food people buy. It helped us greatly on our trip to Iceland. I will be ordering soon for our other trip in June!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Puja Patel

Desi Mealz was a big savior during our trip to Iceland. Traveling with young kids in a foreign country has always been a challenge, it was a blessing to carry Desi Mealz along. We felt like we could enjoy our comfort food without having to compromise on the taste. We loved the packaging, it was easy to carry. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. It’s a great meal option when you want something quick and easy without compromise on taste. I highly recommend Desi Mealz!!

Poonam Premnath

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