Tips For Not Feeling Stressed About Food During The Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time of happiness but for most people, it ends up as a stressor that they’ve put on too much weight! Think about it, you spend the whole year trying every diet trick in the book but when you’ve got a table loaded with roasts, cakes, cookies, and other scrumptious goodies, saying ‘No’ just doesn’t seem possible. But does it really have to be this way? Can’t you enjoy food without it becoming a cause for anxiety? The good news is that Yes! You can! So enjoy your food holidays !!!

It’s okay to overeat

Food isn’t just a source of nourishment for the body, it nourishes the soul too. If you’re like most people, you’ll equate food with comfort. On average, people within normal weight limits tend to put on 1 pound of weight during the holidays. This weight gain can be significantly higher for overweight or obese people.  Now that you know this, you also know that you’re not the only one who finds last season’s dresses a tad bit tighter.

It’s okay to overeat a little during the festive season. Remind yourself that it’s okay to gain a pound or two with festive snacks. Getting worried about it won’t help. All it will do is probably make you eat an extra slice of pie. So, here’s what you can do instead.

Set your own food rules

Nobody knows your body as you do. You know what makes you put on weight and what you can enjoy without worrying about calories. So, make your own food rules. Don’t listen to what other people say, eat and do as you want. But, once you’ve made your rules, stick to them. If you’ve decided to finish your last meal for the day by 9 pm, then don’t let yourself be tempted to eat another piece of chocolate at 11.

Plan a diet that includes everything

When you tell a child he can’t have a particular toy, that one is the only one he will want. The human mind and food have a similar relationship. If you tag categories as bad and don’t give yourself permission to eat them, that is all you will crave for. And, you’ll find yourself giving in to these cravings with the ‘holiday season’ as your excuse. The result- you’ll end up eating a lot more of the forbidden fruit!  So, instead, plan a diet that includes a little bit of everything. Give yourself permission to eat whatever you want in limited quantities. You’ll find that when you know you can have a slice of cake, you don’t really crave it so much.

Don’t count calories

Holidays must be a time for happiness. This is not when you start looking at food labels and counting calories. Calories restriction during the holidays can make you irritable and cranky. This, in turn, could make you overindulge and increase our stress levels.

Instead, focus on finding healthy foods. Say you love idlis and sambhar. Now sambhar when not made right can have a layer of oil floating over it. Instead of making this a reason to put sambhar on your ‘do not eat’ list, try the Desimealz’s ready to eat food products variants. It’s got the same great taste that you crave for but none of the oil and grease.

Exercise- but in moderation

When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to remember that the speed with which weight is lost is also often the speed with which it is put on again. Incorporating exercise in your daily routine is always a good idea but don’t overdo it. Exercise should complement not compensate for your food indulgences. Plan to start the day with light stretching workouts and a little cardio to get your metabolism started. If you’re regular with the gym, you can stick to your normal schedule but if you’re someone who usually passes by the gym door without looking in, wait till after the holidays to get a membership.

Eat Mindfully

Multitasking is overrated. Do not try to ‘make the most of your time’ by eating your meals while watching tv or in between running errands. When you eat, all your senses should be focused on your meal. See what you’re eating, taste the flavors, take in the aroma, feel the texture and hear the sound of your cutlery against the food. If you can do this, you will be able to enjoy your food better and will be more satiated. What does that imply- you won’t be tempted to overeat!

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Be Good to yourself

No matter what happens, don’t forget to love yourself. Choose self-compassion and put yourself first always. When you choose to love yourself, you will be more likely to take care of yourself and will treat yourself better too.

Plan Ahead

You will be more tempted to snack on unhealthy food when you have no other options available. To keep this from happening, make sure you always have safe food options available. A bag of nuts is a great snack to have on hand. You could also carry ready-made food options like Desimealz pulao or Desimealz ready to eat upma. These ready to eat meals or foods are easy to carry along and only need hot water to be added. These dishes will be ready in a few minutes and are a great way to keep yourself satiated. 

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