Best Instant Breakfast Recipes That Can Be Done Under 5 Minutes

Best Instant Breakfast : Let’s start with this “breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a bagman” this is a very common quote that we listen to since childhood. But, are we doing it right like that? I would actually say a big no. As we grow older our responsibilities grow so we compromise on food to fulfil the other needs. Especially having a healthy filling breakfast seems to be a luxury and needs a lot of time and effort that’s what many of the working personnel think.

Why breakfast seems that important? Breakfast is the most vital part of our everyday eating. Breakfast is breaking the long night’s fast and to kick start the day with a healthy and energetic touch. On a busy schedule of accomplishing day chores, we mostly skip breakfast or grab some nuts or fruits to tame the hunger dragon inside us.

Is that healthy? Eating fruits and nuts are healthy, but they should be added as a combo with some stomach-filling breakfasts. Skipping breakfast is like your continuing your fast and my body will think that you’re going to sustain with the same energy throughout the day and start splitting them, meaning your energy to do a brisk work will not be provided to you by your body.

Breakfast satiate you to its best, so even if you’re short on time, with no further delay, fix a meal and do the next work. Want to feel beautiful from inside out? Then planning and managing to have a healthy breakfast is a mandate without a no.

Running out of time and running behind errands are as common as having traffic and take diversion in the roads. Agree? So if you get to know some simple recipes to make without compromising your health would be a good plan to have a check? I made a list of foods that are easy to make and healthy and yummy to eat.

How much do you think protein is important for your diet? It is as important as the internet pack of your smartphone! Let’s look for some protein-rich sandwiches for breakfast

Sandwiches do not require much cooking expertise and it is yummy too! The delicious saviour doesn’t hole your pocket and never takes most of the time

Corn Sandwiches

corn sandwich best instant breakfast

Corns are one of the delicious food to eat at any time in the day, making breakfast with it will be a taste loaded breakfast. The making of it is simple with few slices of bread(of your choice), corn kernels, tomatoes, cheese and black pepper. To the cooked corn add the tomatoes, cheese and pepper. Stuff it in the toasted bread.

Veg Cheese Sandwich

cheese Sandwich - Best Instant Breakfast

Vegetables are juicy and give that filling effect when consumed for breakfast, the veggie-rich sandwich is easy to make and yummy to taste. Make a simple and tasty with ingredients like capsicum, carrots, onion, butter, bread(of your choice) and salt and pepper.

Paneer Sandwich

Paneer Sandwich - Best Instant Breakfast

Paneer is a protein-loaded ingredient and making a protein-loaded paneer sandwich is as simple as making a masala chai. With ingredients like coriander chutney, paneer, groundnuts(to have that crunchy touch) onions, tomatoes, salt and panner with bread(of your choices like soft milk bread, wheat bread and multigrain bread).

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast-Best Instant Breakfast- Desimealz

One of the simplest pleasures of life is having creamy, yummy and protein-rich avocados in breakfasts. Sandwiches itself is delicious and adding avocados make them delicious loaded. The recipe is the simplest recipes for making a tasty sandwich ever.

The ingredients are the bread of any kind like wheat, milk bread or multi-grain bread which is grilled or toasted. Ripen avocados but not over-ripen one. Mash them, add-in some salt spread them on the toasted bread slices, top it with garlic and eat the yum-filled avocado sandwich

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs -Best Instant Breakfast :Desimealz

Scrambled eggs! Sounds English? But they sound fun for me. Since scrambled eggs making is always fun. The process is traditional and simple, make the right scrambled eggs and kickstart the day with a champion feel in you.

The ingredients are eggs, milk, salt, pepper and butter. Initially blend into a mixture of eggs, milk, salt, pepper and keep it aside. On a frying pan add butter and on medium heat pour the mixture. Stir it with a spatula and form soft curds out of it.

Desimealz Breakfast Recipes

Having no time to cook? Desimealz covers your breakfast goals!. Desimealz helps you with their different ready to eat desi food items which are travel-friendly and inexpensive

“ We planned, prepared and packed it” for you

Our ready to eat products take less than 5 mins from you but gives you a healthy breakfast.  There is no limit that you should have them as breakfast, have them whenever you feel like having them.

Our breakfasts are simply healthy and desi like

Lemon Vermicelli

Vermicelli when plain or in combo with anything is always a good breakfast to taste. Here the combination of vermicelli is with lemon. It has ingredients like vermicelli, lemon, edible oil and green chillies to spice it up.

Have a try but just a click!

Masala Poha

Poha is one of the staple foods of India, which is used mostly for breakfast. Poha is flattened rice, recipes with poha are easy to make, delicious and healthy to eat. The item Masala Poha contains ingredients like Pounded rice(Poha), edible oil, green chillies, and groundnuts to make it crunchier.

Having a crunchy yum food in the morning is a refresher. Try having it

Sabudana Khichadi

Khichadi is another common food in India which is made with different vegetables and ingredients. Sabudana khichadi sounds delicious because of its ingredients like sago, edible oil, salt, crunchy and taste booster groundnuts and cashews in it. Including nuts in your breakfast is healthy and it also helps to gear up the day with a crunchy bite.

Tamarind Poha

Poha is made in different varieties, tamarind poha sounds interesting. It includes tamarind essence, poha(pounded rice), edible oil groundnuts and spices. Tangy feel would brisk our brain and make us sharp to think. Desi poha with all these ingredients would definitely make a good breakfast.

Tomato Vermicelli

Vermicelli can be combined with anything and it will be an add-on taste for the dish. Tomato vermicelli contains tomato-based vermicelli, edible oil, dry coconuts, spices and nuts in it. The nuts and coconuts are the taste spikers for the dish.


Anyone from inside India and outsiders who visited India would know this term called Upma. Upma is common in India, it is easy to cook and delicious to eat when served hot. Upma is made with different ingredients in different parts of India. It has ingredients like semolina, edible oil, salt and green chillies in it. It is as tasty as any other semolina or upma you had tasted before. If you haven’t tasted it. It’s time to treat yourself

Masala Upma

Different versions of Upma to try, masala upma is something with added masala and spices in it. It has ingredients like semolina, edible oil, spice mix, salt and green chillies in it. Have a try

Mini idli Sambar

Idli is the staple food of south India but widespread and consumed throughout the world. Steamed food causes no irritation to your gut. Idli is steamed and its best combination is with sambhar. The package is with ingredients like idlis and sambhar in it

How to eat it

All these products look delicious and wondering how to eat them from the package.

  • It just takes 5 mins or less than 5 mins for you to make it ready for you to eat.
  • Just pour boiling water in it or microwave it.
  • The food is ready for you to eat.

Every product is ISO certified with no preservatives in it. Purchase them online and consume healthily diet in your busy schedule without any effort.

Break the skipping breakfast mode

Skipping the breakfast may seem like a thing to omit but making breakfast and having them on the right time would bring you a fortune which you won’t regret later. Try the simple recipes and experience the yum taste of different foods instead of only eating fruits and nuts for breakfast.

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